mandag 18. juli 2011

The old part of Bolsena. Castello (borgen)

The Castello Monaldeschi dominates the medieval quarter, the Upper town of Bolsena. The square castle with its corner towers is an old construction of the 12th century, which has been completely renovated and now houses the Museo Territoriale. The museum contains a lapidarium, historical hints on the vulcanic activities of the area, a prehistoric and an Etruscan section, a documentation of the ancient town of Volsinii, which can be visited at approx. 1,5 km from town on the road to Orvieto at Poggio Moscini, the Dionysian throne of the 2nd century BC, the history of the castle and various medieval remains.

The Palazzo del Drago is an elegant Renaissance building, just underneath the castle, remarkable because of the Tuscan characteristics of its architecture and for a cycle of frescoes of the Roman Mannerism preceding the Zuccaris' one. (Can be visited on request addressed to the Prince Del Drago).

The Castello Monaldeschi.

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