søndag 19. august 2012

Utflukt til byen Pitigliano !

Det vil ta deg 45 minutters kjøring for å komme til denne utrolig, sjarmerende lille byen, Pitigliano. Flere restauranter her, så hvorfor ikke legge lunsjen hit?

Følgende info hentet fra Wikipedia:

Pitigliano is an Italian town and comune of province of Grosseto in the Maremma area of  Tuscany. The town stands on an abrupt tuff butte high above the Olpeta, the Flora and the Lente rivers.

Pitigliano and its area were inhabited in Etruscan times, but the first extant written mention of Pitigliano dates only to 1061. In the early 13th century it belonged to the Aldobrandeschi family, and by the middle of the century it had become the capital of the surrounding county.

In 1293 the county passed to the Orsini family, which signaled the start of a hundred and fifty years of on-again, off-again wars with  Siena, at the end of which, in 1455, a compromise of sorts was reached: Siena acknowledged the status of county to Pitigliano, which, in exchange, placed herself under the suzerainty of Siena.

From thence onwards, the history of Pitigliano resorbs into the gradually wider ambit first of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany (1562), then of the united Kingdom of Italy.

Palazzo Orsini:

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