onsdag 10. juli 2013

Orvietos underjordiske verden !


Orvieto er mest kjent for sin fantastisk Duomo og dens fasade. En annen del, som er mer ukjent, er de underjordiske gangene m.m. Vil du ta en tur? Sjekk linken her!

Litt historie funner fra www.umbriantravel.com/?p=195, vil du lese mer, trykk på linken !

The Pozzo della Cava was dug between 1528 and 1530 by enlarging a previously existing Etruscan well whose traces are still visible today. In 1646 the well was closed up during the Castro war, and was forgotten about until its rediscovery in 1984. In 1996 the well was emptied of all the debris that had accumulated inside over the centuries and the water supply was once again accessed.

In the caves next to the well, there are also the remains of two ceramic kilns. One is Medieval and includes rooms where the potters worked as well as a number of discarded pots and some interesting tools. The other is a classic Renaissance kiln that was used in the 16th century for the so-called ‘third fire’, to obtain the hard shine found on Renaissance ceramic, which was famous for its golden and ruby-red iridescence.

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