onsdag 10. august 2016

Varme kilder - Saturnia !

According to legend, Saturnia's hot springs were formed when Jupiter's thunderbolt landed in a battle with Saturn. The Etruscans were the first to bathe in Saturnia's waters, then the Romans built what some say was the world's first public bathouse there.


Located in southern Tuscany, this warm waterfall is a gem. See a little youtube clip here.

With a surrounding of empty fields and rolling hills, you can relax in one of the many pools — the higher up you go and closer to the source, the warmer the water is.

The one downfall of these free, open-air baths are that there is no privacy to change out of your wet clothes.


Once you get used to the sulfur smell and concentrate on the results on your body of it's properties, stress just melts away.

There are many pools each with it's own heeling properties. Some are warm, some hot, some cold and some with jets to melt your stress away. There are waterfall that massage your shoulders and back.

Saturnia 58050 Grosseto- free of charge.

 Read more here: Saturnia kilder.

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